Why I Love Otto’s Cassava Flour + Grain-Free Tortilla Recipe

I love grain-free tortillas and the cuisine that you can make with them, but it always was a goal of mine to be able to find the perfect recipe so I could make them at home. I would always try recipes with different flours and ingredients, but they always had some kind of imperfection. I would get frustrated, but then a special ingredient walked in and took my tortilla experience to the next level!

 Otto’s Cassava Flour is what I always like to use when it comes to making tortillas and other baked goods. I’ve used it many times and the experience gets better and better every time! 


Some of you that aren’t quite familiar with this might ask, “What the heck is cassava?” Technically, cassava flour comes from the yuca root, an ingredient that helps give us high amounts of nutrients and lower our inflammation levels. So it’s practically the Holy Grail when it comes to grain-free and gluten-free baking! Otto’s products are also nut-free, AIP friendly and even certified by the Paleo Foundation all with the same texture of wheat. (Don’t just take my word for it, the proof is in the organic pudding over here on their website here).

Now some people hear that there is a cyanide that grows inside the cassava plant, and this is what makes some people skeptical about this flour. You don’t have to worry! Otto’s Naturals takes care of the cyanide mostly found in cassava skin by peeling it and taking care of it by heat. In fact, according to the FAQ on their website, they lab tested every batch to ensure safety, how’s that for quality service?

The best part about it is that it’s versatile and you can do quite a lot with it, you can view recipes with cassava flour as the star on Otto’s website.

Like I’ve stated before, this flour ended up being the best to use when it comes to making grain-free tortillas, especially this great recipe by Cara at Fork and Beans. She has a ton of allergen-friendly foods, and her tortillas are the recipe we always use.

Click here to get Cara’s recipe for Grain Free Tortillas!

Hope you guys enjoyed this product review, come back for many more great reviews and giveaways coming real soon. Eat clean live well!

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