Product Review: Wild Zora

Welcome to another product review! This week I am going to share my thoughts on Wild Zora beef jerky:



Wild Zora offers great tasting jerky that fits practically any lifestyle. With nutritious options in mind, they came up with a recipe that literally only consists of natural meats, fruits, vegetables and spices. That’s it! None of the nitrates, MSG or other garbage lurking in most meat snacks.

And when I said they fit almost every lifestyle, I mean it! They offer options that are:

  1. Paleo friendly
  2. Primal
  3. Whole 30 Approved (except for their Parmesan recipe)
  4. Ashley Koff approved
  5. Autoimmune (AIP) approved
  6. Low glycemic



Mediterranean Lamb: I had to start with this one first since it was the best! It truly taste like a lamb chop on the go, and the Mediterranean spices work well to create a great flavor combination.

BBQ Beef: Despite not being the most potent, the BBQ flavor is truly promising. You get some natural sweetness from the apricots and a nice kick of cayenne.

Curry Turkey: The turkey in this bar was delicious and the spices within went perfectly together

Parmesan Beef: This one definitely had a nice Italian taste to it! However, this does have cheese so it’s not quite Whole30

Well that does it for this review, don’t forget to look out for more great product reviews coming real soon!





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