Product Review: Simple Mills Crackers

Hey everyone! I’m back with another product reviews for some snacks that I really adore. Today I’m going to tell you guys all about crackers from Simple Mills:




Simple Mills offers many delicious crackers and baking mixes all made from real food. They started out with a simple mission to provide simple, healthy and delicious treats that make you feel good. The result are these great products that are gluten free, grain free, Non-GMO, soy free and paleo friendly! They offer many baking mixes for cookies and muffins, but today we are going to be reviewing the almond flour cracker that they offer.



The crackers that Simple Mills has are all made with a blend of almond flour and a few other whole food ingredients. They have several flavors that I got to try, and here’s how they were.

Sea Salt: If you’re looking for a regular alternative to the conventional cracker, this is the snack for you! Thin, crunchy and satisfying are three words I’d use to explain these and their other varieties they offer.

Rosemary: This flavor is personally my favorite! It provides you with a peppery taste with a hint of rosemary

Cracked Black Pepper: Gives you a kick of spice without being to overpowering with pepper. These ones work great with dip and other appetizers.

Okay everyone, that does it for this review of Simple Mills Crackers. I hope you guys give these products a chance, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for many more great reviews that are coming real soon. Eat clean and live well!


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