Product Review: Peaceful Fruits

Hi guys! I’m back for another product review. Today I’m going to spread the word about Peaceful Fruits and their delicious fruit strips:





Peaceful Fruits offers great tasting fruit snacks full of the good and free of the bad. It started when a man named Evan had an experience with Peace Corps. He wanted to make snacks that would connect people back to nature and to the Amazon Rainforest. The results are these amazing snacks that tasty and derived straight from Mother Nature. Their product comes in two great and tasty flavors: Wild Acai + Apple and Wild Acai + Pineapple. They are Non-GMO, USDA Organic, made with 100% real fruit, vegan, paleo and gluten free. Their packaging is also recyclable, since they believe that it’s not just what you take in, but also what you leave behind.

They have also been sen on ABC’s Shark Tank, you can view a video on their results here.


I had the chance to try out these great fruit strips and I loved this opportunity! So the question is: Would I recommend these snacks and purchase more in the future? Heck yes! You can’t deny the delicious and fruity goodness it gives you while providing such quality ingredients. I love the benefits, the company’s mission and of course the taste of their products! So if you’re looking for an alternative to those unhealthy fruit snacks out there, try Peaceful Fruits! You’ll take one bite and find it hard to resist.

To learn more about Peaceful Fruits and their products, click here. You currently can find them on their website and you can click here to see if they’re heading to a store near you real soon!

*Top photo courtesy of Peaceful Fruits


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