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Why I Love Otto’s Cassava Flour + Grain-Free Tortilla Recipe

I love grain-free tortillas and the cuisine that you can make with them, but it always was a goal of mine to be able to find the perfect recipe so I could make them at home. I would always try recipes with different flours and ingredients, but they always had some kind of imperfection. I would get frustrated, but then a special ingredient walked in and took my tortilla experience to the next level!

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Sweet Potato Chips

Looking for a grain-free and great-tasting snack? You’ve come to the right place! Everybody’s always in the search of a snack that is healthy and delicious, but it’s not always that simple. Even in “healthy” chips, sometimes there’s ingredients lurking that we don’t want (or need) to put in our bodies. So why not make them yourself?

I’m all about making guilt-free indulgences, and these are one of my personal favorites (along with a list of many others). These sweet potato chips truly satisfy the craving for chips in a healthier way! They’re addictive, crispy and impossible to stop eating… Until you look down at the plate and see that they disappeared, I always hate when that happens! 🙄


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Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower is quite an unusual ingredient to be found in recipes, but we love experimenting with it. From the first time I tried it in a roasted vegetable medley, there’s no going back! Since people eat with their eyes (and don’t try to deny it), we would think of cauliflower as a vegetable lacking the vibrant colors that others have. But the irony of this mysterious character is that it’s very versatile and practically goes into anything.

And when I say anything, I mean it! With a rise of grain-free and paleo lifestyles, people have been looking to it as a way to make versions of carb-filled foods. That’s why I think cauliflower has some magic behind it, because it literally can transform into what it wants.  Grain-free pizza crusts, sauces, mashed “potatoes” and even rice. But even if you’re not on the grain-free bandwagon, this rice recipe I’ll be showing you is a creative way to include more vegetables in your diet.

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