Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower is quite an unusual ingredient to be found in recipes, but we love experimenting with it. From the first time I tried it in a roasted vegetable medley, there’s no going back! Since people eat with their eyes (and don’t try to deny it), we would think of cauliflower as a vegetable lacking the vibrant colors that others have. But the irony of this mysterious character is that it’s very versatile and practically goes into anything.

And when I say anything, I mean it! With a rise of grain-free and paleo lifestyles, people have been looking to it as a way to make versions of carb-filled foods. That’s why I think cauliflower has some magic behind it, because it literally can transform into what it wants.  Grain-free pizza crusts, sauces, mashed “potatoes” and even rice. But even if you’re not on the grain-free bandwagon, this rice recipe I’ll be showing you is a creative way to include more vegetables in your diet.

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Product Review: Laughing Giraffe Organic Snackaroons

I’m quite a lover of coconut, so it’s without a doubt that I love the taste of macaroons and all of their tasty goodness. For those who enjoy them too, I have a question: Have you ever had a Snackaroon?

That’s the specialty of this great company called Laughing Giraffe Organics. Now you’ve probably never heard of them, but they’re a hidden gem when it comes to the world of sweet treats. So here’s some information about them:


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Giveaway Goodie Bag!

Today I’m excited to give you a chance to win something great. You guys ready? I really hope so, because today’s giveaway is a goody bag of healthy snacks for you to enjoy! I’ll be picking three lucky winners, each to receive their own goodie bag. Inside are some great products that I selected to share with you. Each bag will consist of products from these companies:


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