Product Review: Why I Love Simply 7 Chips!

Hey everybody! I’m back once again with another product review for you guys. I’ve tried a TON of products over the years, and this one is on my top ten snack list! Today’s review will tell you about why I love Simply 7 Chips.

The shortest answer is that they taste great and are good for you, but what’s the fun in a short review like that? Simply 7 has an impressive list of qualities for chips, they are: Continue reading Product Review: Why I Love Simply 7 Chips!

Giveaway: Rocky Mountain Popcorn

 I’m so excited to introduce my latest giveaway. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing quite a lot of giveaways recently. It just gives me such a joy to share healthy products that I love and spread the tasty wonder. And that’s why today I’m giving away a selection of Rocky Mountain Popcorn and Sinfully Thin Popcorn from Open Road Snacks!


Continue reading Giveaway: Rocky Mountain Popcorn

Date Nut Bread

Our family has a few traditional treats that we whip up around the holidays. But this year, I believe a “must-have” for any time of the year is this amazing date nut bread recipe. It’s a delicious and moist bread with just the right amount of sweetness. Not to mention we unintentionally baked it on December 22nd, which I recently learned was “National Date Nut Bread Day” (so mark the calendars for next year, people!) 😀

Anyway, I don’t know what it is about this recipe but once I tried my first slice, I found it hard to stop! For as long as I could remember, we would talk about how tasty this bread was and how my great-grandmother used to make this, as this is a spin-off of her recipe. It does take a little bit of time on your part (just ask us!), but the outcome is definitely worth it.  Continue reading Date Nut Bread

FrUve Tea Review + Chance To Win!

Now that the New Year has arrived, we all will make some kind of resolution. And who won’t make the resolution to try and make healthier choices than they did the year before? Come on, you know you do! 

A healthier choice in particular is usually to try to cut out soda and other sugary drinks (which I wrote about in an article you can view here). One drink that gets a bad reputation is sweet tea, and for obvious reasons. It can be full of sugar and additives, which we should try to avoid. So if you’re the kind of person that can’t live without the refreshing taste of sweet tea (and I’ve been there too), then I’ve got news for you!

You don’t quite have to give it up! When I came across this great brand called FrUve, I think they might be one of the best natural teas I’ve tried. Continue reading FrUve Tea Review + Chance To Win!