Tremendous Three-Bean Chili

I can’t get enough of this chili. Even in July! It’s just a great comfort food and, if made the right way, can be pretty healthy. You get hearty flavor, lots of protein and fiber in this healthy, satisfying meal that everyone will love. What else could you ask for?

My family likes to use ground turkey or shredded chicken in our chili. But honestly you can do anything you want (it’s versatile). For a vegan twist, I suggest using Quorn meat-free crumble. It taste JUST LIKE ground beef and we’ve used it multiple times. This makes it perfect for meatless mondays!

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Prosciutto-Stuffed Chicken Burgers

Call me biased, but this might be the best flavor combination I’ve put in a burger yet. I love to treat myself to a good chicken burger! Especially when it’s stuffed with prosciutto and caramelized onions and topped with a guacamole-infused mayonnaise (I call it guaco). All of that on a bun is oh so delicious! 

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Red, White, And Blueberry Delight


Are you guys ready for the 4th of July? I know I am! My family’s getting ready to break out the grill and celebrate our beautiful country.

When it comes to this holiday, what really screams at me is dessert.  And let’s face it, the best kind out there is no-bake. We’ve been making this dessert for years, and let me tell you, it’s still one of my favorites!

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